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译林版五年级上学期Unit 7 At Weekends说课稿

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根据青海教师考试网整理:语法知识是译林版小学英语每单元中必不可少的一个模块,故而近年来的教招考试对语法课也开始有了偏爱,因为语法课能够测出学生的语言功底,英语基本功以及相应的语法思维及表达能力。说课是近年来教师招聘考试中流行考查的一种面试形式,所以设计好一堂语法课是考生在面试中取得成功的第一步。本文以译林版五年级上学期Unit 7 At Weekends语法课为例进行教学设计,该设计从学生的日常情景出发,旨在通过这种设置情景的形式来帮助学生有效学习语法知识,最终达到正确流利运用所学语法进行日常交流的目的。


Good morning, dear judges. It’s my great honor and pleasure to be here sharing my lesson with you. My topic today is “At Weekends”. I have been ready to begin my presentation with following parts:

1 Analysis of teaching materials

This lesson is from English Book of YiLin Edition Unit 7 At Weekends for Grade 5 students, the grammar part. This lesson is about the use of adverbs of frequency and use simple forms of verbs correctly in daily communication. Through this lesson, students can have the awareness of how to learn grammar points and learn to use them correctly in their conversation.

2 Analysis of students

Students are in Grade 5 at primary school. They have learnt English for only several years, so it is difficult for them to learn grammar knowledge. In the class, I will create interesting situation and topics for my students so that they can concentrate on English study and take part in class activities actively.

3 Analysis of teaching aims

Based on the English curriculum standard and the characteristics of the students, I set the following teaching aims:

(1) Knowledge aims:

Students can master the meanings of new words and get familiar with the grammar point of the single forms of verbs.

(2) Ability aims:

Students can use the new grammar point in their daily communication correctly.

Students can improve their ability of thinking and speaking through discussion.

(3) Emotional aims:

Students will show great interest in speaking English.

Students will cherish each day of their daily life.

4 Analysis of teaching key points and difficult points:

Key points:

Students can know how to change the root form of a verb into a single form.

Students can improve their speaking ability.

Difficult point:

Students use the grammar point to talk about their daily life correctly.

5 Analysis of teaching methods and learning methods

To help students achieve the teaching aims much better and easier, I’ll mainly use “Task-based” and “Communicative” teaching methods. For students, they will use autonomous learning method, and they will learn to communicate with people, and become the real host of the class.

6 Analysis of teaching aids

In order to catch students’ attention, I prepare multi-media and pictures

7 Analysis of teaching procedures:

This is the most important part in this design, it can be divided into following steps:

Step 1 Lead-in

After greeting students, I will describe my daily life with sentences such as I have breakfast everyday, I wash my clothes 2 times a week and so on. Then ask students to talk about something about their own daily life. This aims to arouse students’ interest and lead to the topic of this lesson correctly.

Step 2 Presentation

(1) After the description of my and students’ daily life, I can tell students the meanings of some adverbs of frequency which can be illustrated by drawing stars on the blackboard. (Use 5 red stars stand for always, 4 red stars stand for usually, and etc.)

(2) After the presentation of these adverbs of frequency, show students a picture which is about some situation of daily life and I will ask students what do you/ they do at weekends? I will guide my students to answer the questions and write down the answers on the blackboard: such as I often have dinner with my grandparents. She always has dancing lessons. He sometimes goes to the park. Let students realize the simple forms of verbs and the regular forms of verbs.

(3) Then write several verbs on the left side of the blackboard and write the simple forms of them on the right side of the blackboard. Let students discuss and find the rules about how to change a regular form of a verb into the simple form.

Through this step, students can improve their ability of thinking and summary through discussion. Students can also master the new grammar point better through autonomous study and teacher’s guidance.

Step 3 Practice

(1) Show students several other words and let students say the simple forms of these verbs.

(2) Students will do an ask and answer game which describes the picture showed before with the new sentence structure: what do they/does he do at weekends? They/He often/usually/always…… This step aims to help students have a better understanding of the new grammar point and can use them correctly.

Step 4 Production

Role play: ask students use the new sentence structure to talk about what do they do on weekdays and answer it with adverbs of frequency. Invite 2 groups to have a presentation and give them some positive evaluation according to their performance.

Do a survey: Four students in a group, one acts as a reporter and reports the result by using the sentence pattern “someone usually/always/seldom…”

These activities create similar situation for students which can arouse their curiosity of speaking. Besides it can also consolidate what they have learned.

Step 5 Summary and Homework

I will invite one student to summarize what we have learned today and give an evaluation. The homework is to ask students to ask their family members what do they do at weekends and write down their answers. Besides, they shall share their reports with other students the next class.

8 Blackboard Design:

At last I would talk about my blackboard design. The main information is demonstrated on the blackboard and its logic is clear.



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